15 Sep 2017

Pest destroys PNG coffee as government fails to cough up

From , 3:03 pm on 15 September 2017

Papua New Guinea's coffee industry is being increasingly threatened by an invasive beetle while the government stalls on promised emergency funding.

A senior entomologist at the National Quarantine and Inspection Authority says the coffee industry brings in K500 million annually and supports 3 million people living in the Highlands and if money does not come through then up to 80 per cent of the coffee crops could be damaged.

David Tenakanai told Jenny Meyer the agency has had some help from the World Bank and the Australian government to monitor the beetle's spread but the new government needs to come up with K20 million it pledged several months ago.

Harvesting of coffee cherry - Eastern Highlands, PNG

Harvesting of coffee cherry - Eastern Highlands, PNG Photo: Josh Griggs / Fairtrade ANZ