8 Nov 2017

Dateline Pacific evening edition for 8 November 2017

From , 4:06 pm on 8 November 2017

Young climate activists from the Pacific are pushing their message at COP23; refugees detained on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island say they are not surprised by the PNG supreme court's decision not to order the restoration of vital services to the detention centre; A Manus refugee says the detainees will die on island rather than move; the preservation and promotion of Pacific languages is a priority for New Zealand's new Minister for Pacific Peoples; immigration officials in New Zealand are being warned there'll be more overstayers if the department doesn't reverse its decision to close public counters and to make people apply for visas online; the Samoan public is being asked to dig deep to bail out the country's rugby union, which has been labelled "bankrupt" by the prime minister.