9 Nov 2017

As the Cooks battles NCDs older men are getting off the couch

From , 4:03 pm on 9 November 2017

A daily exercise programme for older Cook Islands men started at Constitution Park in Avarua on Sunday and will run for a month.

The exercise programme, which promotes healthy lifestyles for men, comes as the Cooks Islands endeavours to cope with worsening figures on non-communicable diseases.

The initial programme was attended by the Queen's Representative Tom Marsters, the Health Minister Nandi Glassie and the Sports Minister Albert Nicholas.

Mr Nicholas welcomed the initiative.

He told Don Wiseman that the aim to get people off the couch but ultimately it is up to the individual.

exercise programme at hospital in Bangkok. Dozens of sweaty  cops exercise to  pop songs as part of a scheme to reduce the number of overweight police in Bangkok.

Photo: File picture - AFP