22 Dec 2017

Incoming Tongan govt expects challenges from across the floor

From , 6:03 am on 22 December 2017

A senior government minister in Tonga's Democratic Party government is expecting many challenges in the upcoming term.

This week party leader 'Akilisi Pohiva was re-elected Prime Minister in a parliamentary vote, 14-12.

The result came off a comprehensive November election victory, where the Democratic Party won 14 of the 17 people's seats.

Pohiva Tu'ionetoa, who held a number of portfolios in the last Cabinet, told Koro Vaka'uta the successful re-election of his party and it's leader as Prime Minister, illustrated a couple of things.

Tongan MP, Pohiva Tu'ionetoa

Tongan MP, Pohiva Tu'ionetoa Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta