9 Mar 2018

Pacific needs to rethink tertiary education strategy - academic

From , 6:03 am on 9 March 2018

A renowned Pacific academic says countries in the region need to rethink their tertiary education strategies.

Brij Lal, emeritus professor of Pacific and Asian History at the Australian National University, made the comments in light of the University of the South Pacific's celebration of its Golden Jubilee year.

Professor Lal started his academic journey with the USP in 1971 three years after it was created.

He says academia today is more globalised and the region needs to talk about improving the quality of tertiary education for future generations of Pacific Islanders.

He spoke with Koroi Hawkins who began by asking him about the origins of the USP.

Academic Prof Brij Lal who was deported from Fiji in 2009

Brij Lal Photo: Supplied