12 Mar 2018

Tongan league side confident of match vs world champions

From , 4:00 pm on 12 March 2018

A rugby league match between Tonga and the world champion Australians in the middle east or Hawai'i could be a real possibility, according to Tonga's coach.

Last week's announcement that New Zealand will play England in Denver in June, also confirmed that Tonga have missed out a requested fixture against the Kiwis.

But that development has been balanced out by talk of an October match against Australia in venues like Qatar and Hawai'i in an effort to expand the game globally.

Tonga made waves during the 2017 World Cup when they upset New Zealand, lost narrowly to England in the semi-final and drew large crowds everywhere they went.

Their coach Kristian Woolf told Koro Vaka'uta, last year showed there is a demand to see more of his team.

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