16 May 2018

Samoa poet highlights mother's treatment in New Zealand

From , 3:02 pm on 16 May 2018

A Samoan poet has published a heartfelt piece of poetry in motion on social media in response to her mother's residential care home subsidy application being declined in New Zealand.

She now faces a lengthy wait before she can reapply.

Titled "Dear Loyal New Zealand Citizen", Grace Taylor reads a letter on Facebook written to the Ministry of Social Development as a video plays of her mother slowly dancing the Samoan siva, or dance, wearing a traditional outfit.

She says her mother has been unfairly treated, given she has Alzheimers and no direct family member in New Zealand to care for her.

As her mother's power of attorney, she told Sara Vui-Talitu that it flies in the face of all that her mother has done and contributed to New Zealand's economy as a hard working Pacific migrant.


Grace Photo: RNZ