14 Sep 2018

Stay decision after prolonged Nauru legal battle welcomed

From , 3:04 pm on 14 September 2018

One of the team of Australian lawyers representing 19 people accused over a protest outside the Nauru parliament three years ago says the judge found any trial would unfair and an abuse of court process.

Christian Hearn has welcomed the permanent stay on the charges by Justice Geoffrey Muecke.

He says the basis for the decision is complex but Justice Muecke found the trial could not be fair, that the government had thwarted legal representation and was persecuting the defendants.

It has been a long and arduous road for the Nauru 19, going back to June of 2015.

Christian Hearn told Don Wiseman when his team of lawyers got involved.  

The Parliament building in Nauru.

The parliament building in Nauru. Photo: Supplied/ @ChrisTrott

The Nauru Government Information Office has issued a statement saying the Director of Public Prosecutions will appeal.

In expressing its disappointment over the court's ruling, an unnamed government spokesperson said Justice Muecke's decision was wrong in law and needed to be corrected through an appeal.