About Radio New Zealand Drama

About Radio New Zealand Drama

The drama department commissions new writing from New Zealand's best writers and from emerging writers.

Each year, the drama department produces up to 30 hours of new drama and comedy, more than 300 book reading/short story episodes and over 50 new children's stories.

Most of our drama is produced in-house; however we occasionally commission dramatic works and comedy programmes from independent producers and sometimes source dramas from other broadcasters around the world.

Our priority is to feature New Zealand writers and performers. It is only in very exceptional circumstances we accept unsolicited material from overseas writers. The exception is usually that they are expatriate New Zealanders.

We look for projects that will delight, surprise, entertain, and inform our listeners and for projects that creatively deal with controversial subjects and stimulate discussion.

Our regular on-air drama audience exceeds 50,000 people. Our online audience is growing rapidly. Our Book Reading audience is over 200,000. We're keen to provide diverse programming to interest, stimulate and entertain these audiences whilst attracting new, younger listeners and continuing to reflect the whole of our society.

Broadcast Slots Available

Radio New Zealand Drama produces programmes for the following slots:

The Book Reading, weekdays at 10.45am, on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan

Episode duration: 14 minutes

This is part of Nine to Noon, and is essentially a readings slot, with a large and loyal audience. Contemporary New Zealand fiction and non-fiction (and some non-contemporary works) are adapted into 10 or 15 parts to form the mainstay of this slot, but we also run seasons of one-off short stories, multi-voiced readings and the occasional 5 x 15 minute serialised reading.

The Drama Hour, Sundays at 3.00pm

Episode duration: Negotiable (up to 54 minutes)

A magazine-style show known as The Drama Hour. This is our showcase slot for audio drama, in which we broadcast major one-off original works and adaptations of novels or stage plays, shorter-form dramas/comedies and multi-part series. The Drama Hour can include informative interviews and short features related to the writing, production and performance of audio drama. Dramas are recorded both on location and in the studio.

Submitting Work to Radio

We welcome submissions of original work from New Zealand writers.

Before submitting your script, proposal or idea, please see the Writing for Audio Drama section for detailed information about duration, format and style.

As a general rule, most writers are expected to submit a rough draft script as a proposal, rather than an outline of an idea for a script. The exception might be an experienced writer with a history of working with the drama department.

All proposals, scripts and stories should be sent to:

Radio New Zealand Drama
Radio New Zealand
PO Box 123

About the Drama department

The drama department commissions new writing from New Zealand's best writers and from emerging writers. Each year, we produce up to 30 hours of new drama and comedy, more than 300 book reading or short story episodes, and over 50 new children's stories. Read more

Email: DramaInfo@radionz.co.nz

Writing for Radio

Resources for people who are considering writing for Radio New Zealand.

Purchasing audio

A number of dramas and book readings are available for purchase through Replay Radio.

(Please note that not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.)