17 Jan 2015

A History of Student Radio - Episode Four

From A History of Student Radio, 2:00 pm on 17 January 2015

A four-part journey through 45 years of student radio in New Zealand - the stars and bands who got their breaks, the politics, the music, the piracy and the ‘No. 8 wire’, sink or swim mentality.

Radio Active's One Love festival.

Radio Active's One Love festival. Photo: courtesy of Radio Active.

We pull focus to the years following 2000, when student radio still led the musical trends and were the undisputed champions of local bands. It was also an era where the stations had reputations, legacies and bank balances to maintain without ever "selling-out" - a difficult proposition when mainstream commercial stations are wanting a chunk of your audience.

In this final episode we hear from those who created the b.Net and the aspirations and challenges associated with trying to unify such disparate and localised radio stations. We also celebrate the (occasionally) early-rising breakfast hosts, the bands, the parties, and the unforgettable ads. 

We consider the place of alternative independent radio in the ever-changing modern media landscape and meet some of the up-and-coming talent on the airwaves.

Photo Gallery: A History of Student Radio

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Voices of Episode Four

Fiona Fraser, Lewis Tennant, Adam Hyde, Mark Cubey, James Meharry, Bret McKenzie, Shannon Williams, Myles Buckingham, Mikey Havoc, Andy 'Flyboy' Dickson, Samantha Hayes, Dave Gibbons, Manu Taylor, Emma Smith, Max Christofferson, Matthew Davis, Sean Norling, Tim Baird, James Dignan, Sonya Clark, Gemma Gracewood, Brenden Smythe, Abi Symes, Zac Arnold

Music Details

Artist: King Kapisi
Song: Sub-Cranium Feeling
Composer: B. Urale, A. Morton, M. Matisi
Album: Single
Label: Festival

Artist: Outkast
Song: Spottieottiedopaliscious
Composer: Patton/Benjamin/Brown
Album: Aquemeni
Label: Laface

Artist: HLAH
Song: Beatnik
Composer: Kilgour
Album: God Save The Clean
Label: Flying Nun 

Artist: Epsilon Blue
Song: Peaks and Valleys V.2.1 (Trees Are Wicked! Mix)
Composer: Epsilon Blue
Album: The Gathering 2000: New Electronica for Aotearoa
Label: Universal

Artist: Winston Francis
Song: Let’s go to Zion
Composer: Francis
Album: 7”
Label: Studio One

Artist: The Black Seeds
Song: Little Atoms
Composer: B. Weir and S. Williams
Album: Keep On Pushing

Artist: Dimmer
Song: Evolution
Composer: Carter
Album: I Believe You Are A Star
Label: Sony

Artist: Phelps and Munro
Song: Ex Sports Star Turned Commentator
Composer: G Phillips
Album: Sideways Too
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: House of Downtown
Song: Feel It
Composer: Todd/Ercolano
Album: Welcome to… a New Zealand House Compilation
Label: Huh!

Artist: The Datsuns
Song: What Would I Know
Composer: The Datsuns
Album: The Datsuns
Label: Infidelity

Artist: Concord Dawn
Song: Morning Light
Composer: Short/Harvey
Album: Uprising
Label: Uprising

Artist: The Mint Chicks
Song: Licking Letters
Composer: R. and K. Neilson
Album: Octagon, Octagon, Octagon
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: LCD Soundsystem
Song: Losing My Edge
Composer: Murphy
Album: LCD Soundsystem
Label: DFA

Artist: So So Modern
Song: Racer X
Composer: So So Modern
Album: EP
Label: Private

Artist: Whipping Cats
Song: Fighting cats can’t be bargained with
Composer: No details given
Album: The Gruesome Numbers: A musical from beyond the grave
Label: Private

Artist: An Emerald City
Song: Mull Pasha
Composer: An Emerald City
Album: Circa Scaria (2009)
Label: Emerald

Artist: Tono and The Finance Company
Song: Fragile Thing
Composer: Tonnon
Album: Fragile Thing EP
Label: Private

Artist: Harbour Union
Song: How Lucky You Are
Composer: Davidson
Album: The Harbour Union: Established 2011 Lyttelton
Label: Social End Product

Artist: Future Islands
Song: Seasons (Waiting for you)
Composer: Future Islands
Album: Singles
Label: 4AD

Artist: Street Chant
Song: There is No Depression in New Zealand
Composer: Von Sturmer, McGlashan
Album: Isthmus of a Thousand Lovers
Label: Private

Artist: Lord Echo
Song: Bohemian Idol
Composer: S. M August
Album: Curiosities
Label: Economy Records

Artist: Lontalius
Song: Light Shines Through Dust
Composer: E. Johnston
Album: Single

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle
Song: If These Are The Last Days
Composer: EWH
Album: Love Can Prevail
Label: Promo Love

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: Bob Lennon John Dylan
Composer: Buda, Callwood, O’Connor, Ricketts, Scott and Wedde
Album: Tom’s Lunch EP
Label: Universal

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