Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Wednesday 24 March 2010

1:10 Best Song Ever Written

Do You Think That I Do Not Know - Slim Dusty

Marion Perkins of Ashburton explains why she thinks Slim Dusty is the fat cat of music.

2:10 Father and son set to take on the South Island.

Denis and Nick Woods of Dunedin are planning to kayak and bike the length of the South Island next month. It's a school project for 16-year-old Nick. They will cover more than 1016KM in 12 days.

2:20 Uncle Percy

A new website that will help you save. There's just one catch though. You won't earn any interest for your troubles.

Uncle Percy is a social media website aimed at young people who want to save. It allows users to set up a public profile and upload pictures of themselves and their savings goals. The creators of Uncle Percy say the interactive experience of the website will encourage young savers, but it's coming under fire because of the charges involved with the site, and also because users aren't paid any interest on their savings.

2:30 Reading: Shot by Sarah Quigley, read by Jessie Alsop

Our heroine Lena Domanski has been caught in a drive-by shooting while buying a donut in her old neighbourhood in San Francisco.

2:45 He Rourou

Ana Tapiata talks to Kahu Tapiata, who talks about Grandparents Day at her granddaughter's school.

Bluelines cover art2:50 Feature Album

Blue Lines - Massive Attack

The British trip-hop collective who play Vector Arena tomorrow night.

3:12 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

Tricks to Keep Your Device's Battery Going and Going and Disgruntled Ex-Auto Dealer Employee Hacks Computer System To Disable Over 100 Cars

3:33 Auckland Story - Smokin' Pipes

Auckland's newly restored Town Hall Organ was launched on the weekend. The original instrument was built in 1911, and the 4-million rebuild has been done by a German organ builder. Uniquely, it includes two Maori organ stops… the kouaua, or flute, and the pukaea, which is a trumpet. There's also a special purpose built public walkway inside the new instrument.

3:47 How 'bout a cuppa?

Ceramics like cups and saucers are not generally known for their durability, just think of the plates that get smashed at Greek weddings! But "high performance" or "engineering" ceramics are completely different.

4:06 The Panel

Sue Wells and Tim Watkin join Jim on the Panel.