Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Tuesday 27 August 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written -   Pete Steers of Hawkes Bay nominated 'In The Beginning' by Emerson Lake and Palmer.

1:20 Critical Mass - our reviewers looking at TV, books the internet and music.

Music - Nick Atkinson

Artist: Tipene

Song: West Side Hori    excerpt duration 1.21
Composer: Tipene Williams, Justin Ferguson
Album: Tautoko  (yet to be released)
Label: Empire/Warner

Artist: Sharkness
Song: Cobra Jacket
Composer: Robin Hinkley
Album: Coat of Arms
Label: Private

TV  - Phil Wallington

Books - Nicky Pellegrino - title:'Kiss Me First' by Lottie Moggach
Web - Steve McCabe

Steve's links: and his favourite web-comic site, XKCD

2:10 Moa Cave - Ian Calder - A walk around the property lead to an exciting  archeological discovery for a Northland man. Ian Calder was out trapping possums on his lifestyle block in Whangerei when he stumbled across the entrance to a cave. The mouth of the cave was little more than a narrow gap in the ground beneath some rocks, but when Ian explored it further he made an amazing find - the skeletons of a family of moa, who may have been resting there, undisturbed for as long as two thousand years.

2:20 New Zealand built Sports Car - Martin Foster - Wellington Yacht-builder Martin Foster was very partial to his E-type Jaguar cars. He tried to take them out every day, but they kept breaking down. Frustrated by the capriciousness of sports cars, the designer came up with a novel solution. He decided to build his own! Fast forward a few years later, and Martin Foster's dream of a New Zealand-built sports car is on track for the finish line.

2:30 Reading - 'Dance of the Peacocks' by James McNeish, telling the story of a group of bright young New Zealanders who were university students 80 years ago.
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Tk 1. Pick Yourself Up - Lew Stone and his Orchestra.  BBC CD 824:  Pennies From Heaven II.  
BBC Enterprises/Polygram 1990.
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BOOK:  Dance of the Peacocks by James McNeish

2:45 Feature Album - Jesus Christ Superstar - the 1973 English musical film soundtrack - being celebrated 40 years on.

3:10 Talk To Your Kids - Michael Parker, deputy principal of Sydney's independent Cranbrook School and author of Ethics 101: Conversations to Have with Your Kids.

3:30 Asian Report - Lisa Thompson - Auckland Airport extends a warm welcome in mandarin to its Chinese visitors, as the numbers of Chinese passing through the airport continues to grow.         

4:06 Graham Bell and Susan Hornsby-Geluk are on The Panel today: Retiring at 60; living in Herne Bay to facilitate breast-feeding; the edge that dyslexia gives you, as well as the disadvantage; The toilet habits of the English cricket team, or lack of; driverless cars - we don't realise how close they are.