Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Thursday 12 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - .'This Shirt' by Mary Chapin Carpenter, nominated by Kris Mac Pherson

1:25 Your Place -  Seddon.

2:10 World Records - Chris Sheedy - Racing around the streets of London on motorized furniture, witnessing a wedding at 41 thousand feet: it's all  is just another day at the office for  Chris Sheedy. He is the Australia/New Zealand  adjudicator for the Guiness book of world records. It's his job to verify that a record for the most swim caps worn at once, held by a New Zealander by the way,  or the most people at a toga party, is actually legitimate.   The latest edition of the book comes out next week. It  claims to the best selling copyrighted book of all time beating the Bible and the Koran. 

2:20 Late Literacy - Brenda Smith - For the first time in her life, 50 year old Brenda Smith can do something most of us take for granted. She can read. Brenda had hearing and learning difficulties growing up in Temuka. A few teachers here and there made an extra effort, but Brenda never learned to read until she knocked on the door of Literacy South Canterbury a few months ago and asked for help. Now she can read books and even a little bit of the newspaper. Brenda's efforts have been recognized with a commendation certificate at the inaugural Adults Learner's awards in Timaru.

2:30 Reading - A short story by Charlotte Grimshaw from her collection 'Opportunity'.
Madeleine Hyland with part one of 'Plane Sailing'.
A tired solo mother/dentist navigates her way between wake and sleep.
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Silent City by Alan Barry, tk 10 CHAP 301

2:45 Feature Album -   AM is new album by  English indie rock band, Arctic Monkeys - one of the favourites for the coveted Mercury Prize. The nominations were released this morning.

3:10 Feature Story - Nicky Pellegrino - 'The Food of Love Cookery School'

3:20 Natural burials - Sage Forest

It's an environmentalist's dream - non-toxic, biodegradable materials only, no embalming fluids, a shallow grave to be of use to worms and tree-roots, and eventually part of a planted native park – but natural burials have been slow taking root in New Zealand. Victoria Davis chose a natural burial for her soul-mate husband Buzz, but it wasn't looking possible to have the burial in Golden Bay. Sage Forest met with Victoria at Rototai burial park to find out about natural funerals and how Buzz came to eventually be buried there on 11 September 2012.

Natural coffin
Go Willow! basket casket by Nicola Basham, Hazel & Jo Pearson & Suse Toder.

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3:30 Our Changing World - The theme of Conservation Week this year is Whanau-Family ((What are your whanau doing? Is the theme)), so Amelia Nurse joins the Smith-Hobden family at Zealandia for a bird-watching walk. Rowan and Ben (aged 6 and 9) bring along some of their collection of soft-toy birds that play real bird song, and they use the calls to try and attract real birds – the boys are great tour guides according to Amelia!

4:06 The Panel - Scott Yorke and Jordan Williams