Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Thursday 19 September 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - John Brown of Oamaru nominated 'Sioux City Sue' by Willie Nelson and Leon Russell.

John talked about: the Akaroa Lighthouse and Southland lighthouses

1:20 Your Place - Makuri  

2:10 The Cronut Craze -  Dominique Ansel - If someone offered you a Cronut would you know what you were in for? New York chef, Dominique Ansel has produced a cross between a croissant and a doughnut in his SoHo bakery.  They go for $5 each and are something of a sensation. The Cronut craze has crossed the seas -  they're going down very well here, especially in the Wairarapa. The only thing is we can't call a Cronut a Cronut - it's a registered trademark.

2:20 It's In The Bag - Jimmy Hayes - A couple of young Kiwi entrepreneurs may well have it in the bag.  
Thanks to an amazing on-line fundraising effort they're over US$70,000 better off, in just 24 hours. In a scenario not unlike The Dragon's Den, they're getting money from hundreds of backers around the world. Whangarei's Doug Barber and Jimmy Hayes from Nelson spent years developing their Minaal ProTravel Carry-on Bag, and thanks to crowdfunding site Kickstarter, they reached their fund-raising goal of $30,000 in 6 hours yesterday morning. 

2:30 Reading - Rachael Maza reads the next episode of The Rabbit Proof Fence"  by Doris Pilkington at the same time tomorrow.
Original music recorded for the production by David Milroy with Alice Haines
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Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence by Doris (Nugi Garimara) Pilkington (University of Queensland Press, 1997) ISBN-0702232815

2:45 Feature Album - Rewind the Film - Manic Street Preachers  (2013)

3:10 Evita's Odyssey - Linda Pressley of BBC Witness - In 1955, the Argentine military seized power in a coup and stole the remains of the revered former first lady, Evita Peron. Over the next few decades, the body was stored in several different places in several different countries, inspiring wild stories about its supernatural powers. Linda Pressley travelled to Buenos Aires to investigate.

3:20 The Big Bonfire - Katy Gosset - There's a blaze brewing in Christchurch. Katy takes a last look at the wooden temple covered in messages that will be set alight this weekend.

3:30 Cookoos and Their Hosts - Alison Ballance - What do cuckoos have in common with daffodils, lambs, albatrosses and godwits? They're all harbingers of spring, of course - and this year a Massey University biologist is keen to hear from people when they hear their first cuckoos of the year.


4:06 Rosemary MacLeod is on The Panel today with Finlay MacDonald - One race away. Are the new ACC levies fair? The remarks the judge made about how women dress. The Bishop who says don't preach about poverty unless you're prepared to sacrifice for the poor, how to stop young people spitting on the streets of Hastings and the question, once again, of the entertainer Snoop Lion being allowed into NZ.