Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Friday 15 November 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - 'Time in a Bottle' by Jim Croce - nominated by Dr Mike Patrick of Brooklyn, Tasman.

1:25 NZ Live - The Tiny Lies - a Christchurch based duo in Auckland for shows this weekend. They have an album out, recently released, and a pocket full of folk songs about life and living in post quake Christchurch.  They are, by name; Charlotte Ivey and Harley Williams, but collectively they are known as The Tiny Lies.

2:10 Australian daredevil, Rosco McGlashan wants to go faster than anyone has ever gone before on land,  and he'll be using New Zealand technology to  do it. Rosco plans to go faster than 1000 miles an hour... the holy grail of land speed records with a vehicle called the Aussie Invader 5R that looks  more like a spaceship than a car.
The Invader will be powered by liquid oxygen and an engine designed by Auckland firm-Rocket Lab. Rosco McGlashan has been searching dry lakebeds 1000 kilometers west of Brisbane for a suitable place to attempt the record. Jim Mora talks with Rosco from a place called Birdsville in Central West Queensland.

Link: The Aussie Invader

2.22 Aviators - Lynda Chanwai-Earle is taken on her first ever balloon ride at dawn over Methven, Christchurch. In this non-commercial test-flight she experiences emergency landings, brushing tree-tops and how to deliberately bunny hop a huge balloon over an electric fence with two of New Zealand's top aeronauts.

2:33 Our 2.30 reading today is the final episode of  'Heartland'   by Neil Cross, and we find Neil's mother picking up the pieces after being abandoned by her second husband. But her new start is in sharp contrast to her teenage son's rebellious spiral.
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2:45 Feature album - Different Class - Pulp

3:08  Your weekend starts here with our One Stop Shop - Masterchef winner Nadia Lim with her Mandarin Syrup Cake - Yvonne Lorkin with the wine as a world first paper wine bottle goes on sale in the United States, and how drones are being used in California to ripen grapes - - Sarah McMullan reviews the Paul Potts biopic, One Chance, also the Carrie remake, plus her TV pick for the weekend.


4:06  Peter Elliot and Scott Yorke are on The Panel today: The sentence given to David Ross, the parlous state of the NZ film industry and does it need special sympathy? Auckland gets yet another new brand logo - do cities need expensive logos? And what about the pohutukawa logo Auckland got not so long ago? How do we make cyclists safer? Many private jets in NZ now, just as there were before the crash of '87. And does outrageous humour have to be carefully corralled now and placed in shows like 7 Days lest great offence be taken? This discussion off the back of a real estate agent trying to be funny about a house for sale in the country by suggesting it could be used to manufacture drugs because it's 27ks to the nearest copshop.