Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Wednesday 27 November 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Dave Birt of Tasman nominated 'The Green Fields of France' by The Fureys

1:25 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:    Dionne Warwick
TITLE:        Do You Know The Way to San Jose?
COMP:    Hal David, Burt Bacharach
ALBUM:    Walk On By  -  Track 3
LABEL:    EMI 701398

ARTIST:    Travis
TITLE:        Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
COMP:    Fran Healy
ALBUM:    Singles  -  Track 4
LABEL:    Epic 693519

ARTIST:    Creedence Clearwater Revival

TITLE:        Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
COMP:    John C. Fogarty
DUR:        2' 36" [Cold]
ALBUM:    Keep On Chooglin  -  CD 1 / Track 9
LABEL:    Festival 198013

ARTIST:    Joan Osborne

TITLE:        One Of Us
COMP:    Eric Bazilian
EDIT:        Start 21" in
DUR:        4' 38" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    The Best of Joan Osborne  -  Track 2
LABEL:    Hipo 986245

ARTIST:    The Supremes
TITLE:        Where Did Our Love Go?
COMP:    Eddie Holland,  Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
DUR:        2' 30" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Diana Ross & The Supremes 20 Greatest Hits  -  Track 2  
LABEL:    Motown 106073

ARTIST:    Elvis Presley
TITLE:        Are You Lonesome Tonight?
COMP:    Lou Handman, Roy Turk
DUR:        3' 05" [Cold]
ALBUM:    Love Elvis  -  Track 1
LABEL:    RCA 667 448

ARTIST:    Peggy Lee
TITLE:        Is That All There Is?
COMP:    Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller
DUR:        4' 19" [Cold]
ALBUM:    The Best of Peggy Lee  - Track 15  
LABEL:    Capitol 790,552

ARTIST:    David Bowie
TITLE:        Life On Mars?
COMP:    David Bowie
DUR:        3' 46" [Fade]
ALBUM:    Hunky Dory  -  Track 4
LABEL:    EMI 791843

ARTIST:    The Killers
TITLE:        Human
COMP:    Brandon Flowers, Dave Keuning, Mark Stoermer, Ronnie Vannucci, Jr.
DUR:        4' 03" [Cold fade]
ALBUM:    Day & Age  -  Track 2
LABEL:    Island 851214

The answer: Songs that ask questions.

2:10 Winter Wonderland - David Richards - It may not be a WINTER Wonderland, but a house in Canberra is looks like a Christmas wonderland with 502 thousand 165 lights,  along with multicoloured streamers, icicles, candy canes, reindeer, breaking the Guiness Book of World Records for Christmas Lights.  The Richards Family first won the title in 2011, but then a  family in New York took away with their title with their display including A 32 channel leaping rainbow, and  nearly 350 thousand lights. The Richards rolled up their sleeves and started putting on lights with 48km of wires in October to reclaim the title. The display is open to the public for a gold coin donation to benefit SIDS and KIDS, a charity that  works to  reduce sudden and unexpected death in children.

The links: Christmas lights World Record and The Fundraiser

2:20 Nelson's Aviation History - Graeme McConnell - In a small room off the garage of Graeme's home in Nelson, there are boxes and folders filled with bits of New Zealand aviation history.  Over the years, Graeme's collected all of those things most people throw away: luggage tags, swizzle sticks and even airsickness bags.But every plastic cup or biscuit package tells the story of aviaiton history in New Zealand. And now a comprehensive book by Graeme and aviation historian Richard Waugh about air travel in the Nelson region  will be released this weekend at celebrations for  Nelson Airport's  75th anniversary. It's called The Story of Nelson Aviation.

2:30 Reading - Eleanor Meecham  begins to encounter the thin air of Northern Argentica's mountains in today's episode of her book 'Llamas and Empanadas'. . . But after weeks of solo travelling her experience is enhanced as she meets a couple of fellow cycle-tourists.
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La Ley y la Trampa by Silvia Mujica, sung by Chaqueno Papaveccino, tk 1 CDE 80.302

2:45 Feature album -  Never for Ever - Kate Bush  (1980)

3:10 Virtual World - Hamish MacEwan

3:30 Maori Weaponary 30th -  David Steemson - Experts in the use of Maori weapons gather in Hawkes Bay this week. They're celebrating the 30th anniversary of the revival in traditional weapon training.


4:06 On The Panel today are Dita de Boni and Lisa Scott. John Banks back in court, the Victoria University debating moot about the need for women to dress responsibly, was that objectionable as a topic or was it just robust? Is driving with a hangover really as bad as driving drunk? Are the new low-tolerance speed limits this summer a sensible idea or a waste of time? The taxi drivers at Auckland airport mention the possibility of self-immolation over the way they're being treated.