Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm for Wednesday 4 December 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Alan Shaw of Palmerston North nominated 'Ay, andar' by Ex Cathedra Choir 

1:25 Link 3 - the songs:

ARTIST:    The Ohio Express
TITLE:        Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
COMP:    Arthur Resnick and Joey Levine
ALBUM:    The Story of Bubblegum Music  -  Track 3
LABEL:    Carrere 96 8703

ARTIST:    Corey Hart

TITLE:        Sunglasses At Night
COMP:    Cory Hart
ALBUM:    1984 - Where Were You?  -  Track 13
LABEL:    EMI 535472


ARTIST:    Billy Ray Cyrus
TITLE:        Achy Breaky Heart
COMP:    Don Von Tress
ALBUM:    Take Ten Years od No.1 Hits  (CD 2 / Track 8)
LABEL:    Mushroom 560102

ARTIST:    The Baha Men

TITLE:        Who Let The Dogs out
COMP:    Anslem Douglas    
ALBUM:    Massive Party Hits  -  Trcak 7
LABEL:    Time Life 831429

ARTIST:    Starship
TITLE:      We Built THis City
COMP:    Bernie Taupin, Martin Page, Dennis Lambert, Peter Wolf
ALBUM:    Knee Deep in the Hoopla  -  Track1
LABEL:    Grunt 154882

ARTIST:    Paul Anka & Odeia Coates
TITLE        You're Having My Baby
COMP:    Paul Anka
ALBUM:    Mellow Hits of The 70s  -  Track 3
LABEL:    Universal  984312

ARTIST:    The Tweets
TITLE:        The Birdie Song
COMP:    W. Thomas, T. Rendell
ALBUM:    Novalty No.1's  -  Track 5
LABEL:    Virgin 333746

ARTIST:    Alison Gold
TITLE:        Chinese Food
COMP:    Not Stated
ALBUM:    Single (Burnt CD - Track 1)
LABEL:    iTunes

ARTIST:    Booby Goldboro
TITLE:        Honey
COMP:    Bobby Russell
ALBUM:    Favourite Sixties  -  Track 1
LABEL:    EMI 494344

ARTIST:    Terry Jacks

TITLE:        Season In The Sun
COMP:    Jacques Brel, Rod McKuen
ALBUM:    Emotions: 24 Golden Hits   CD 2 / Track 1
LABEL:    Old Gold 233209

ARTIST:    Lou Bega
TITLE:        Mambo #5
COMP:     Dámaso Pérez Prado, Lou Bega
ALBUM:    Massive Party Hits  -  Trcak 8
LABEL:    Time Life 831429

2:10  Our Cherry Stone Spitting Champion - Michael Wardill is a national champion and will proudly represent New Zealand at an international competition in Perth next week. Michael is our country's best cherry stone spitter. Think of it as shot put for cherry stones. He was able to launch one of them more than 11 metres at the National competition in January to win his place at the Australasian Cherry Pip Spitting Championships.  And for the Wardill family, this extraordinary ability to hurl cherry stones vast distances is in the blood. His 13 year old son, who was pipped at the post for first place in the Junior Section, will be making the trip to the International competition as well. Michael Wardill is on the line with us from Cromwell.

2:20  'BJ , the White Robe Lodge Legacy' - Brian Anderton  - Not many people in the racing industry can claim to have trained more than 1300 winners, or to have won the New Zealand Cup AND three Grand National Steeplechase races at Riccarton.
But Brian Anderton is no ordinary jockey,  breeder and trainer. He's in the New Zealand Racing Hall of Fame and has spent a lifetime in the racing industry. The women in his family urged him to record some of his great triumphs and challenges in a changing industry on paper. The result is a new book ''BJ , the White Robe Lodge Legacy, The Brian Anderton story.''   

2:30 Reading - Episode three of our book reading, In the Land of the Dancing Kings, written and read by Paul Horan. Today we travel with Paul into the countryside of Sri Lanka where visits an important Buddhist site, meets a Muslim and sees the oldest tree in the world. Here's Paul Horan (Horr'n) with Episode 3 of In the Land of the Dancing Kings.
CD GAL059, Galarie. Track 12, Indian Monsoon by Armand Amar. Pub by Musique Cinema Television.  (Online Prod Music from UPPM)

2:45 Feature album - No Jacket Required - Phil Collins (1985)

3:10 Virtual World - Dr Jules Older

3:30 Pepi-pods protecting babes - David Steemson - Specially designed sleeping boxes originally made to keep babies safe during the Christchurch earthquakes, are now being used for vulnerable infants in South Auckland. The little beds are called "Pepi-Pods" and they're being given to families with babies that might be susceptible to cot death.

4:06 Rosemary McLeod is with Catherine Robertson on The Panel - I'm off says John Banks, the Mangawhai rates schemozzle, what effect on society does it have when the poor get poorer and the rich get richer. Colin Craig isn't sure if we went to the moon, people think they drive better drunk than they do, the spying the Australians have been doing on their own people, and you don't have to be a very high-level Australian to do it, it's claimed. And is the plural of orca really orc? Orcae have been sighted in Wellington harbour.