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12:40 Comic Books in NZ

New Zealand comic book publisher Jeremy Bishop speaking about the origins and current state of Kiwi comic book culture.

Ruth Harley.12:50 Ruth Harley

Outgoing Chief Executive of the New Zealand Film Commission Ruth Harley (pictured right) looks back on a successful 10 years on the job.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

Simon Morris discovers that big-name film stars are no longer as important as big-name films. He also reviews the first film portrayal of notorious Welsh poet Dylan Thomas - The Edge of Love. And France gets into the comic-book blockbuster business with Babylon AD.

1:30 Polystyrene Sculpture

Lucy Orbell chats to artist Peter Robinson at the Govett-Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth about his sculpture made entirely of polystyrene and how several sound artists have responded to the work.

Pictured below - Sam Morrison with his musical instrument made in response to Peter Robinson's show, Snow Ball Blind Time, on now at the Govett-Brewster - Photograph courtesy of the Govett-Brewster.


1:40 A Bouncy Marae

Inez Crawford speaks about her interactive work at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery, a Bouncy Marae.

Bouncy Marae.

Phillippa1:50 Phillipa Campbell

Phillipa Campbell (pictured right) chats to us about her recent appointment as Literary Manager for the Auckland Theatre Company.

Joe Bennett2:00 The Laugh Track:

Christchurch syndicated columnist Joe Bennett (pictured left) selects his favourite comedians including Gerard Hoffnung, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Eddie Izzard and Winston Peters!

Kate deGoldi2:30 Writer's Block:

Kate de Goldi (pictured right) speaks about her debut novel 'The 10pm Questions' and Paula Morris discusses her short story collection 'Forbidden Cities'

2.50: Joanna Tokona

Lynn chats to Dunedin artist Joanna Tokona whose paintings look at the roots of New Zealand.

Below - The art of Joanna Tokona.

Joanna Art.

3:00 Radio Drama: Small Gods

A tale of notorious experiments which explore how just how far people will go when told to.