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12:40 An interview with one of the big winners at the New Zealand Post Book Awards

12:50 Auckland Museum's Gallery Renewal Plan

Following months of upheavals at Auckland Museum, staff get to concentrate on one of its most ambitious projects yet.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

The latest from Sir Michael Caine and Angelina Jolie - Harry Brown and Salt. And, fresh from the International Film Festival, the French smash hit movie The Concert.

1:30 Len Vlahos

As eBooks gain more traction with readers, what is the future for bookshops? We talk to an American who's helping bookshops across the States cope with this bold challenger to paperbacks.

1:40 Hedda Oosterhoff

Holland-born New Zealander Hedda Oosterhoff (below) is a violinist, opera lover, architect and designer - so she's found the perfect career in designing opera sets. She's won a scholarship that will see her spend seven months in the UK working with the award-winning Opera North company.

Hedda Oosterhoff.

1:50 Sonia Yee chats to Christchurch Free Theatre stalwart, George Parker

Christchurch Free Theatre
Distraction Camp. Image courtesy of Christchurch Theatre.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Elizabeth Mitchell, one of the creatives behind Bro' Town and Radiradirah.

Brotown creators
bro'Town's creators with their creations.

2:20 Julie Hill ventures into Auckland's Creative Hub

2:30 Kathleen Jones

A substantial new biography about short story writer, Katherine Mansfield, written by British writer Kathleen Jones (below left), who feels many past writers have misrepresented both Katherine and her husband John Middleton Murray.

Katherine Mansfield and Kathleen Jones

2:50 Nick Butcher finds out about the intricate art of silent movie piano playing with pianist David Beattie

3:00 The Sunday Drama

Joy Cowley's Bow Down Shadrach a warm and humorous story of adventure, imagination and reality.