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12:40 Don't Mention Casablanca

The director of that "beautiful friendship" Casablanca Michael Curtiz has his own love story told in a new play written by his Kiwi granddaughter.

Don't Mention Casablanca.

Sheila McGregor.12:50 Shiela McGregor from Axis - an online resource for contemporary art

We find out how British arts groups are taking on the new coalition government over its slashing and burning of arts funding.

Right: Sheila McGregor.

1:00 At the Movies with Simon Morris

The new Australian war movie Beneath Hill 60, and a chat with Jason Stutter, director of the New Zealand comedy thriller Predicament.

1:30 Sound designer extraordinaire Tim Prebble

Tim Prebble has collaborated on three NZ Films all of which are up for a number of awards, including best sound at this year's Qantas Film and Television Awards. Sonia Yee discovers Tim is a man who loves playing with sound and finding it in unexpected places.

Sound designer Tim Prebble in action.
Tim Prebble in action.

1:50 The Guru of Chai

The Indian Ink Company goes back to how they started in the 1990s, with a solo show for star Jacob Rajan as The Guru of Chai (below).

The Guru of Chai.

2:00 The Laugh Track

Prankster Guy Williams who you may remember from TV One's Breakfast show as a pro-whaling advocate.

2:20 Metonymy 2010

Hear from four of the artists and writers who've been paired up on blind dates to create work for an exhibition called Metonomy.

See images from the exhibition.

Erstwhile - detail by Kate Sellar and Penny Sommervaile
Erstwhile - detail, by Kate Sellar and Penny Somervaille.

Traitor2:30 Chapter & Verse

Expat Stephen Daisley redefines heroism and traitors in his debut novel Traitor, set both in New Zealand and in Gallipoli during World War One, and published by Text Publishing.

2:40 Michel Petrucciani

A tribute to a heroic French composer by his biggest fan, New Zealand jazz pianist Phil Broadhurst

2:50 New York curator Meredith Johnson

A chat to New York curator Meredith Johnson who helps artists realise big dreams with the help of a lot of public money.

3:00 The Sunday Drama

A radio adaptation of partners-of-the day Jacob Rajan and Justin Lewis's The Pickle King.