13 Mar 2014

Riroriro - The Grey Warbler

From Birds

Grey warlber by Craig McKenzie"In the warm sunlight of advancing summer, when the manuka-scrub is covered with its snow-white bloom and the air is laden with the fragrance of forest flowers, amidst the hum of happy insect-life, a soft trill of peculiar sweetness—like the chirping of a merry cricket—falls upon the ear, and presently a tiny bird appears for an instant on the topmost twigs of some low bush, hovers for a few moments, like a moth before a flower, or turns a somersault in the air, and then drops out of sight again. This is the Grey Warbler, the well-known Riroriro of Maori history and song." - Sir Walter Lawry Buller, A History of the Birds of New Zealand, 1888, London

Listen to the grey warbler.

Photograph by Craig McKenzie - used with permission.

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