19 Feb 2016

Lessons learnt from the Christchurch earthquakes

From Checkpoint, 6:12 pm on 19 February 2016

This video is the full, unedited version. The shorter version as broadcast is available as audio.

Tim Veling, a photography lecturer from Canterbury University; Dr Travis Horton, Associate Professor in Environmental Geochemistry; and Associate Professor of Health Sciences Dr Kathleen Liberty come together to talk about the lessons learned from the quake – and what’s yet to come.

Dr Kathleen Liberty is involved in research into the impact of the earthquakes and their aftermath on children in the city.

Dr Travis Horton has been following what has and continues to happen beneath the city: the science of life in an earthquake zone.

Tim Veling, from Ilam School of Fine Arts, has worked to document the loss of communities within the red zone.