6:10 Christmas Morning with Katrina Batten and Catriona MacLeod

Six hours of fun, entertainment, memories and information for young and old alike including

7:10 Te Harinui: 200 years of Christian Worship in Aotearoa NZ

On Christmas Day in 1814, on a small Northland beach, Anglican missionary Samuel Marsden proclaimed the Gospel to a large gathering of Maori and a small group of his own missionaries - the first time it had been heard in this country. Intertwined with some of the hymns and readings that were first heard here 200 years ago, Justin Gregory explores the backstory to that first service and tells us about plans for the bicentenary celebrations.

8:00 Children stories and music

Including Sparky and the Talking Train and The Small One.

9:00 'Badjelly the Witch' by Spike Milligan

9:30 A Christmas Carol ballet

Interviewing the cast
Left: RNZB's Alayna Ng, Adriana Harper and RNZ Katrina Batten

In early November, Katrina met up with five of the 11 New Zealand ballet dancers of the 34-strong Royal New Zealand Ballet Company and spoke with them about performing A Christmas Carol ballet, which was first performed by the UK's Northern Ballet company in 1992.  She speaks with Adriana Harper, Alayna Ng, Harry Skinner and brothers Nathanael and Joseph Skelton about dancing and singing in this very northern hemisphere production and what they'll be up to relaxing at Christmas.

RNZB dancers in A Christmas Carol credit Evan Li
RNZB dancers in A Christmas Carol Photo: Evan Li

10:00 'A Fragile Peace' by Lindsay Wood, read by Patrick Davies

A classic story of the first Christmas in the trenches in 1914.

A Fragile Truce PD

10:15 Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2014

Shirley Anne Thomson
Left: Shirley Ann Thomson with Catriona in her lounge with her large participating medal from this year's Tattoo
Right: Shirley Ann (centre) with the Highland Dancers

We're off to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo held in August 2014 with Scottish Dance choreographer Shirley Ann Thomson as she weaved Scottish Highland Dance with Maori Kapa Haka.

Edinburgh Tattoo
The Highland Dancers and Te Whanau a Apanui and Te Whaka Huia at Edinburgh Castle, August 2014

11:00 A Life Well Lived - Maya Angelou

The writer, poet and academic Maya Angelou, who has been described as a modern Renaissance woman, died earlier this year at the age of 86. She had an extraordinary life, surviving the harshest of childhoods to become a force on stage, screen and the printed page.

Noon: The World at Noon

1:10 pm Amazing Grace

The story of "Amazing Grace"- a piece of music that has an extraordinary impact on American history

2:05 pm The Gazillionth (or so) Monty Python Radio Special

3:05 pm The Man who would be Perfect, by Stuart Hoar

In St Mark's gospel, Jesus told the man who wanted to be perfect to give away everything he owned. But these days that's not a simple thing to do (RNZ)

4:06 pm Memorialisation

In this edition of The Why Factor, Mike Williams explores how we remember the dead and asks why does it matter?

5:00 pm The 5 O'Clock Report

A roundup of news and sport

5:12 pm Ete "Live" at the Metro Mangere

A slice of Pacific humour (RNZ)

6:06 pm The Queen's Message

HM The Queen with her annual message to the commonwealth.

6:10 pm A Fragile Peace, by Lindsay Wood, told by Patrick Davies

A Christmas tale from the trenches (RNZ)

6:30 pm Go Tell It on the Mountain

The spiritual "Go Tell It on the Mountain" was born in the rich and indomitable oral culture of African slaves in the American south. A hundred years later it became a rallying cry for the civil rights struggle of the 1960's. And now, it's a perennial favourite at Christmas concerts and church services across North America.

See the PRX website for this programme.

8:10 pm Windows on the World

International public radio features and documentaries

9:06 pm Our Changing World

Science and environment news from NZ and the world (RNZ)

10:00 pm The 10 O'Clock Report

A roundup of today's news and sport

10:15 pm Te Harinui: 200 years of Christian Worship in Aotearoa NZ

Commemmorating the first Christian service on NZ soil conducted in the Bay of Islands on 25 December 1814 by Samuel Marsden, Anglican chaplain in the colony of New South Wales

11:06 pm A Crosby Christmas

A seasonal celebration culled from rare radio and television Christmas broadcasts starring the voice of Christmas Bing Crosby! In this special, revised and augmented by audience demand, Bing is joined in duets by friends like Peggy Lee, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye, Ella Fitzgerald... even David Bowie!