Country Life for 6 June 2008

Intro and Guest
The South Island Dairy Event - Robin Greer on employing staff.

Regional Conditions
The winter drought in the north gets worse and in the south dairy farms close shop for winter.

Mad about saffron
New Zealand saffron producer Errol Hitt of Eight Moon Saffron sheds some light on this exotic spice.

Rural poetry
Canterbury farmer Colin Patterson recites one of his poems.

There's Gold in Goats

Boer Goats

Angora Goats.Fibre and meat goats are both making farmers good money, more than sheep and often more than cattle. Following a massive crash in 1988, the industry's clawed its way back, and those involved believe the future is bright.

Goatsmeat Curry

From the St Paul's Collegiate School cook book

1 kilo young Goat or Kid
6 tablesp. Flour
3 tsp. Salt
Rind & juice of Lemon
1 teasp. Brown sugar
1 tablesp. Coconut
1 Tomato
4 tablesp. Dripping .
2 tablesp. Curry Powder
L 1/2 cups Stock.
2 medium onions
1 clove Garlic
2 Apples

Cut meat in pieces & roll in flour & salt mixed together. Chop onions, garlic, apple and tomato. Heat dripping & fry meat & veges. Pour off any extra fat. Add curry powder. Mix well & stir in stock. Add lemon juice, coconut & sugar & cook slowly for 2-3 hours.
Serve with boiled rice & chutney.

Goat chasing man.