21:05 Gidday and Regional Wrap

Wet conditions are still haunting most North Island farmers while in the South Island more snow has fallen and some farms are also struggling in the wet.

21:13 A Tail Of ManyTales

The new President of Federated Farmers, Bruce Wills, believes leaving longer tails on lambs has many benefits, although he admits he gets ridiculed for it when they appear at the sale-yards with most of their tails still intact.

21:18 The Economics of Dairying

Hillcrest High School students head out to a dairy farm to gather information for an NCEA assessment.

21:26 Kapiti Conservation

Ngā Uruora is a Māori phrase meaning Groves of Life - and it's an ecological restoration project on the Kapiti Coast that's been going for over ten years. Amelia Nurse earns Mountain Goat status clambering up the escarpment with some of the volunteers to find out what's involved in turning farmland into native forest.

See also Ngā Uruora, a six-part series paralleling the 1995 book: Ngā Uruora - The Groves of Life Ecology and History in a New Zealand Landscape by Geoff Park.

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Photograph courtesy of Ngā Uruora - Kapiti Coast Restoration Project.