18 Aug 2012

Essential NZ Albums: Proud - An Urban-Pacific Streetsoul Compilation

From Essential New Zealand Albums, 4:10 pm on 18 August 2012
Proud An Urban Pacific Street soul Compilation

Proud was a 1994 compilation of South Auckland music which paved the way for OMC's worldwide hit, 'How Bizarre'.

Nick Bollinger talks to Proud's producer Alan Jansson.

Adapted from the book 100 Essential Albums, by Nick Bollinger, published by Awa Press.

Music Details

Artist: Vocal Five
Song: God Defend New Zealand
Artist: OMC
Song: We Are The OMC
Artist: Semi MCs
Songs: Trust Me, I Don’t Need You
Artist: Sisters Underground
Songs: Ain’t It True, In The Neighbourhood
Artist: Di-Na-Ve
Song: Dawn Of The Eve
Artist: Radio Backstab & DJ Payback
Song: Bassed On A Lost Cause
Artist: Pacifican Descendants
Songs: Tuesday Blues, Pass It Over
Artist: Puka Puka
Song: Pacific Beats
Album: Proud - An Urban-Pacific Streetsoul Compilation
Label: Volition