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Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary gallery, Lake Street Dive and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet


Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary gallery presents: Model World, A Delicate Balance and IOIOIOIOIOIO reviewed by Janet McAllister, Lake Street Dive by Amy Jansen and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet by Carrie Rae Cunningham.

Images from left: Judy Millar. Model World: Images: Judy Millar, studio view. A Delicate Balance: Will Ngakuru Tilt 2014, installation view detail. Courtesy Govett - Brewster Art Gallery. Photo Bryan James. IOIOIOIO: Image: Tracey Tawhiao & George Nuku. Lake Street Dive: Bridget Kearney, Mike Olsen, Rachael Price, Mike Calabrese. Photograph: Jarod McCabe.