21 Sep 2016

The Day In Parliament for 21 September 2016 - morning edition

From In Parliament, 5:45 am on 21 September 2016

Green MP Kevin Hague delivers his valedictory speech after 8 years in the House; Evidence Amendment Bill passes final reading unopposed; Three bills split from the Electronic Monitoring of Offenders Legislation Bill pass their final readings by 107 votes to 12, opposed only by New Zealand First; Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Amendment Bill passes second reading by 105 votes to 14 with the Greens and Maori Party opposed; Statutes Repeal Bill passes first reading unopposed and is sent off for consideration to the Government Administration Committee; Government faces questions on fishing and the proposed Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary; Snap debate on fish dumping; House passes motion congratulating the members of the 2016 New Zealand Paralympics Team.