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Programme 2 in a series of 13

This week Colette Jansen talks to Liam Ryan. Best known as the keyboardist in 1980s band The Narcs, he still regularly plays and writes music and is also the artistic director for Tauranga's National Jazz Festival. The festival is the new home for the announcement of the Jazz Tui Award. Have a listen to music from this year’s finalists.

Music Details:

Tessa Quayle: Whisper Not
Composer: Golson / Feather
From the album: Whisper Not

Sumo Jazz: Blue Hue
Composer: Pearce
From the album: Throwing Salt

Reuben Bradley: Search in Progress
Composer: R Bradley
From the album: Resonator

Liam Ryan: Heart and Soul
Composer: Ryan
From the album:  (unreleased)

See the original video of Heart and Soul by the Narcs.

Pacific RivieraLiam Ryan: Mississippi Miles
Composer: Liam Ryan
From the album: Pacific Riviera

MississippiLiam Ryan: Winter Salsa
Composer: L Ryan
From the album: Mississippi to Mauao

Tauranga's National Jazz Festival
Liam Ryan
Reuben Bradley
Tessa Quayle