12 Jun 2015

Film's prince of darkness Christopher Lee dies age 93

From Morning Report, 8:52 am on 12 June 2015

British actor Sir Christopher Lee, famous for his roles in Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Count Dracula, has died in hospital in London, ten days after his 93rd birthday.

Christopher Lee, pictured in 2012.

Christopher Lee, pictured in 2012.

Photo: AFP

Sir Christopher Lee, who was at various points a Bond villain, the voice of the Jabberwocky, and Saruman, was knighted for his services to drama and charity in 2009. He was perhaps best known for his eponymous role in Dracula.

Standing at 6'5" in height, he featured in over 200 films - the last of which, Angels in Notting Hill, is yet to be released - in a career spanning almost 70 years.

Later in his life, he pursued an interest in heavy metal, releasing a series of albums, including two concept albums, and two Christmas albums - A Heavy Metal Christmas and A Heavy Metal Christmas Too.

He married the painter and former Danish model Birgit Kroencke in 1961, with whom he had one daughter, Christina.

He had been undergoing treatment for respiratory problems over the past few weeks, and died a few days ago, with his wife preferring to notify family members first.