7 Jul 2016

Chilcot Harvey

From Morning Report, 8:36 am on 7 July 2016

The inquiry into the Iraq war has also left the door open for former UK prime minister Tony Blair to be prosecuted. The Chilcot inquiry has delivered a damning verdict on the decision by Tony Blair to commit British troops to the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003. Families of the British soldiers who died in Iraq have expressed their anger with Mr Blair and are exploring their legal options. Theresa Evans' son Lance Bombardier Llewelyn Evans was the first Welsh soldier to be killed in Iraq. Reaction to the report has been somewhat muted in Iraq but in the US, former president George Bush has defended the decision to invade Iraq. A retired US colonel and a senior fellow at the Global Initiative for Civil Society and Conflict , Derek Harvey, served in Iraq on a number of tours.