11 Nov 2016

Vicki Letele goes home to her family

From Morning Report, 7:34 am on 11 November 2016
Terminally ill prisoner Vicki Letele.

Terminally ill prisoner Vicki Letele. Photo: Supplied

Terminally ill prisoner Vicki Letele has spent her first night back home with her family.

Yesterday the Parole Board agreed to her compassionate release from Wiri prison.

Letele, who was jailed for three years and two months for property fraud in March, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and given months to live.

She told RNZ she began her first round of chemotherapy yesterday morning – before finding out about her release.

She says she hopes nobody else will have to go through her experience.

"I'm just so overwhelmed, I'm so humbled, and I'm glad that this not going to just benefit me and my family but it's going to benefit the families of those that are still yet to come in my shoes that no-one should have to go through that."