13 Feb 2017

Saturday Night Live: 'single most vital' show on TV

From Morning Report, 8:45 am on 13 February 2017

Time Magazine is calling the American late night television programme Saturday Night Live the 'single most vital' show on TV.

The Emmy Award-winning show has aggressively lampooned President Donald Trump with Alec Baldwin returning for numerous sketches.

Mr Baldwin hosted the show for the 17th time this weekend- taking the opportunity to roast Mr Trump's effort to have his travel ban reinstated by the courts.

Now Time Magazine says every new episode of SNL feels like an 'urgent must-watch'.

Of course, this is the show that Mr Trump himself hosted twice. Now he deplores its portrayal of him, mostly via Twitter.

Bill Carter was the New York Times TV reporter for 25 years and has written two books on late night TV.

He's now a media analyst for CNN and jtold Morning Report the show has really become the voice of the opposition, or the resistance. "It has taken on Trump in a full throated way."