15 Feb 2017

NSW trapper finally catches notorious wild dog

From Morning Report, 8:43 am on 15 February 2017

A six-year hunt for a wild dog that killed five hundred sheep on a New South Wales farm has ended with the dog being shot.


The wild dog known locally as Hannibal Lecter caught on security camera. Photo: Singleton Argus

The dog was nicknamed Hannibal Lecter - it killed the sheep by holding them down and tearing out their kidneys.

Farmers Norm and Noeline Black called in trapper Jonathan Randle after all attempts to catch the dog failed.

Mr Randle says he started to work out the dogs patterns in November last year but it wasn't until Monday that he set eyes on the elusive killer.

He says he shot the dog after spotting him in the bush.

The dog has been put in the freezer as their are plans to have him stuffed and mounted.

Mr Randle says he wouldn't mind having the completed taxidermy dog in his own lounge, although his wife has other ideas.