11 Apr 2017

Western leaders talk tough on Syria before G7 meeting

From Morning Report, 6:13 am on 11 April 2017

Western leaders have been talking tough on Syria and its key ally Russia ahead of today's G7 meeting in Italy.

The Syrian crisis is top of the agenda at the summit following last week's chemical attack on a rebel held area by President Bashir al-Assad's forces and the subsequent US missile strike.

On 4 April 2017 more than 100 civilians were killed and 500 others, mostly children, were injured. Photo taken 6 April.

Chemical gas attack survivors receive medical treatment at an hospital after the Assad regime's suspected chlorine gas attack in the town of Khan Shaykun, Idlib province. Syria on 6 April, 2017. Photo: AFP

The American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Washington will hold anyone who attacks innocents to account.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who cancelled a scheduled visit to Moscow to attend the G7  also weighed in, saying Vladimir Putin is "toxifying" Russia's image with his support for President Assad.

Britain says further sanctions against Russia and Syria will be considered.

With analysis of what we might see from the G7 on Syria we're joined by London based political correspondent and Middle East affairs commentator Adel Darwish.