21 Apr 2017

One step closer to proving existence of extinct Kokako

From Morning Report, 7:51 am on 21 April 2017
South Island Kokako wanted poster.

South Island Kokako wanted poster. Photo: South Island kokakoCharitable Trust. Original image of Nth Island Kokako by Tara Swan. Creative touches by Oscar Thomas and Geoff Reid.

Researchers say they're one step closer to proving the existence of the South Island  kokako, long thought to be extinct.

The South Island Kokako Trust issued a five thousand dollar reward for sightings of the bird, but recently doubled that.

More than 50 possible sightings have been reported, and even recordings.

Nigel Babbage, the deputy chair of the South Island Kokako Charitable Trust is confident the South Island kokako, long thought to be extinct, is still alive.

He says they just need photographic proof. "The bird is out there. We just need to definitive evidence."