22 Dec 2017

Jewish community disappointed NZ bowing to 'UN bullies'

From Morning Report, 8:15 am on 22 December 2017

New Zealand has voted for a UN resolution criticising the United States' decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. In total, 128 countries voted for the the resolution. Only nine countries voted in support the US. This was in spite of threats from President Trump to cut financial aid to those nations who voted against his decision. Thirty-five nations abstained. Earlier this month, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters reacted to the news the US was to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The Minister has declined to be interviewed, but says: "You will be aware of the outcome of the vote in the UN General Assembly on the Status of Jerusalem. New Zealand voted in favour of the resolution, alongside the majority of UN Member States. The resolution reflects New Zealand's long held support for a two state solution to the conflict. The resolution called for the acceleration of efforts to achieve a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East. This is something we all can support." But the Director of the Israel Institute of New Zealand David Cumin tells Guyon Espiner he's disappointed at the vote.