30 May 2009

Your host will be Emma Smith

Access All Areas: Imagine Peace. Trevor Reekie looks into the significance of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's 'bed in' for peace, 40 years ago this week.

Tori Amos talks about being Abnormally Attracted To Sin.

Get ready to roll with the Film Archive's NZ music video collection - some rescued from under people's beds and houses; and check out some other visual documentation of NZ Music to round out May. The image of the Burning Bats Guitar referred to in this story is below.

Here are the websites featuring New Zealand music images which we mentioned in the show…

100 classic New Zealand music videos for you to reminisce over.

Eighties Auckland through Flying Nun-tinted spectacles.

A glorious paper trail of kiwi poster art, flyers, and magazine advertisements

A captivating collection of NZ alt rock musings and memorabilia.

A hub for music and gig news, plus an extensive recent NZ music photo archive.

From the front row of some of the liveliest and at times crustiest gigs around the country.

The Sampler: Nick Bollinger reviews 'Ashes Of American Flags', a DVD made last year during Wilco's tour of the American south.

Cosmic Guitar Gurus Part Two: The Harvey Mann Story - From Underdog to Living Force.

English born musical technician Dan Harper lived in Mali and Ethiopia for 8 years doing aid work, as well as pursuing a musical project under the name Invisible System. On his new album - Punt - Made in Ethiopia, Dan's found an international stage for some remarkable Ethiopian artists.

Music 101 presenter Kirsten Johnstone is at Chartfest in Christchurch (Friday), then The Irish festival in Nelson (Saturday) so may report in live.

The Bat's guitar in a tree. Photo by P.Kean J.Woodward

This is The Bats burning guitar from the video of 'North By North' that they threw out of a window and into a tree and it stayed there for 20 plus years and then they cut the tree down and there it was. A part of the tree. A "block of wood".