Saturday December 5


Nick Bollinger talks to the Reverend Al Green.

Big Champagne is a company that collects and sells data on internet file sharing. Trevor Reekie talks to CEO Eric Garland about the ever changing future of the film and music industries.


We take a look at Leonard Cohen's historic 1970 performance, live at the Isle Of Wight Festival.

Freaky folkie Devendra Banhart talks about his new album.

We'll check out new gig announcements this week

And visit Ladyfest - an international idea put into action at local level, where the ladies take over the mic, stage, gallery in a weekend of positive discrimination and gorgeous music.


Mott The Hoople The Reunion:All The Way To London, A Rock & Roll Obsession

In October this year the five original members of Mott The Hoople reunited for five shows at London's Hammersmith Apollo Theatre - The first since their 1974 breakup. Marty Duda, an obsessive fan since the 70s, travelled to London to see all five shows. Marty spoke to band members past and present along with well-known fans such as Mick Jones of The Clash. Find out what makes grown men revert to teary-eyed teenagers with Marty Duda and 'Mott The Hoople The Reunion: All The Way To London, A Rock & Roll Obsession'.

Mott The Hoople

(Mott The Hoople, photo by Justin Purington)

And we say a teary farewell to a Jazz institution, Auckland's The London Bar.