Saturday 17 July


British-born American musician Saul Hudson aka Slash has reinvented himself since the heady days of Guns N Roses . The new Slash is clean, sober and his work ethic is the envy of many rock musicians who have spent time at the top. Listen here.

Trevor Reekie caught up with Slash (pictured below) in Copenhagen, touring his debut solo album.

Die! Die! Die! talk about their dreamy third album, Form - the second new release for the recently resuscitated Flying Nun. Listen here.


Hear from Saxophonist, composer and arranger Jim Langabeer, who took his experiences of New York in the 80s as the inspiration for Superbrew's Africa/Aroha. The innovative Afro Jazz album has just been rereleased.

Hawaiian reggae act Rebel Souljhaz sing songs and share stories of collaborating with Katchafire, in what could be considered a pacific reggae exchange programme.


Mainlander Lachlan Rutherford's musical journey has taken him from being a semi-professional musician with a law degree to the current President of Warner Music, Asia Pacific. For Musical Chairs Trevor Reekie talks with Lachlan Rutherford about adapting to different musical cultures and business models. Listen here.

The British band of the moment, Mumford and Sons, performed the set of the festival at Glastonbury last month with songs from their debut album, Sigh No More. Lead singer Marcus Munford and bassist Ted Dwane join Bidisha to contemplate their meteoric rise, and also discuss their recent trip to Delhi where they recorded with the Dharohar Project, a collective of Rajasthani folk musicians.

Meet the winner of the APRA Children's Song Writing Award 2010 announced on Friday.