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Takaka-based songwriter, performer and storyteller Levity Beet (Nick Hollis) has been writing entertaining songs for children since he was one himself.

Inspired by his uncle David Hollis' 1980 album EnZed Musical Animals 'nd Things, Levity Beet released his debut album, Little Blue and the Living Treasure Band' in 2008. The song 'Little Blue' won the 2009 APRA Children's Song Award, with APRA Board Member Arthur Baysting commenting "Levity's 'Little Blue' turns the worthy genre of environmental songs upside down with a crazy, catchy number that kids will find irresistible."

In between albums - number four is on the way - Levity Beets tirelessly tours the country's primary schools and kindergartens.

Emma Smith attends a kindy gig and talks with Levity Beet about the art of appealing to ankle-biters and their minders.

If you'd like to get your sticky little fingers on more music you can contact Levity Beet.

Below: The first photo is of Levity Beet at Berhampore Kindergarten, the rest were taken at Brooklyn Kindergarten, the second to last photo features the "Fahzunkafone". All photos were taken by Emma Smith.

Levity Beet at Brooklyn Kindergarten