19 Sep 2016

Nashville Babylon 19 September 2016

From Nashville Babylon, 11:00 pm on 19 September 2016
Courtney Marie Andrews

Courtney Marie Andrews Photo: Jim Hobbs

Mark Rogers shares an hour of country, soul and rock ‘n’ roll - featuring tracks from Lightning Slim, George Jones, Bonnie Prince Billy and Courtney Marie Andrews.

Music Details

Artist: Jimmy Dawkins

Track: Triple Trebles

Composer: Dawkins

Album: Fast Fingers

Label: Delmark


Artist: Van Morrison

Track: There Stands The Glass

Composer: Hull / Shurtz / Greisham

Album: Pay The Devil

Label: Lost Highway


Artist: Steve Earle & The Pogues

Track: Johnny Come

Composer: Earle

Album: Copperhead Road

Label: MCA


Artist: Bap Kennedy

Track: Long Time A Coming

Composer: Kennedy

Album: Domestic Blues

Label: Lonely Street Discs


Artist: Skyscraper Stan

Track: Chief

Composer: Woodhouse

Album: Last Year's Tune

Label: Southbound


Artist: The Handsome Family

Track: Tiny Tina

Composer: Brett & Rennie Sparks

Album: Unseen

Label: Southbound


Artist: Cerys Matthews

Track: Weightless Again

Composer: Brett & Rennie Sparks

Album: Cockahoop

Label: Blanco Y Negro


Artist: Jim Oertling

Track: Old Moss Back

Composer: Oertling

Album: Boppin' By The Bayou

Label: Ace


Artist: Lightning Slim

Track: Miss Fannie Brown


Album: Bluesin' By The Bayou

Label: Ace


Artist: George Jones

Track: He Stopped Loving Her Today

Composer: Braddock / Putman

Album: 16 Biggest Hits

Label: Legacy


Artist: Norah Jones

Track: Cold Cold Heart

Composer: Williams

Album: Come Away With Me

Label: Blue Note


Artist: Bobbie Gentry

Track: Mississippi Delta

Composer: Gentry

Album: Ode To Billie Joe

Label: Capitol


Artist: Bonnie Prince Billy

Track: May It Always Be

Composer: Oldham

Album: Ease Down The Road

Label: Domino


Artist: Sturgill Simpson

Track: Breakers Roar

Composer: Simpson

Album: A Sailors Guide To Earth

Label: Warners


Artist: Courtney Marie Andrews

Track: Not The End

Composer: Andrews

Album: Honest Life

Label: Loose