25 Sep 2017

Nashville Babylon 25 September, 2017

From Nashville Babylon, 11:00 pm on 25 September 2017

Artist: Sherman Williams Orchestra
Track: Hello
Composer: Williams
Album: Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour
Label: Ace

Artist: Steve Earle
Track: Lookin' For A Woman
Composer: Earle
Album:  If You Wanna Be An Outlaw
Label: Warners

Artist: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Track: Down On My Knees
Composer: Durham
Album: Superscope
Label: Sunday Best Recordings

Artist: The Allen Brothers
Track: Jake Walk Blues
Composer: Allen/Allen
Album: Old Time Blues Recordings
Label: Vintage Masters

Artist: Barron Lee & The Mills Blue Rhythm Band
Track: Reefer Man
Composer: Razaf / Robinson
Album: Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1931-1932
Label: Document

Artist: Delaney Davidson
Track: I Slept Late
Composer: Delaney Davidson
Album: Self Decapitation
Label: Voodoo Rhythm

Artist: CW Stoneking
Track: The Zombie
Composer: Stoneking
Album: Gon' Boogaloo
Label: King Hokum

Artist: M Ward
Track: Rave On
Composer: Sonny West / Bill Tilghman
Album: Hold Time
Label: 4 AD

Artist: Iron And Wine
Track: Bitter Truth
Composer: Beam
Album: Beast Epic
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: John Moreland
Track: No Glory In Regret
Composer: Moreland
Album: Big Luv
Label: 4AD

Artist: Richard Thompson
Track: Pharaoh
Composer: Thompson
Album: Amnesia
Label: Capitol

Artist: Heather Weir
Track: Blue
Composer: Weir
Album: Single

Artist: Lou Donaldson
Track: Alligator Boogaloo
Composer: Donaldson
Album: Blue Note Story
Label: Blue Note

Artist: Ken Boothe
Track: Freedom Street
Composer: Boothe
Album: Tighten Up
Label: Trojan

Artist: Son House
Track: Country Farm Blues
Composer: Son House
Album: The Rough Guide To The Delta Blues
Label: Southbound

Artist: Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler
Track: I'll See You In My Dreams
Composer: Jones / Khan
Album: Neck and Neck
Label: Columbia