30 Oct 2017

Nashville Babylon 30 October, 2017

From Nashville Babylon, 11:00 pm on 30 October 2017

Artist: Grandpa Jones
Track: Turn Your Radio On
Composer: Albert Brumley
Album: Bob Dylan 's Theme Time Music Hour vol 2
Label: Ace

Artist: Aretha Franklin
Track: Chain Of Fools
Composer: Don Covay
Album: Lady Soul
Label: Atlantic

Artist: Dwight Yoakam
Track: Honky Tonk Man
Composer: Horton / Franks / Hausey
Album: Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc Etc
Label: Reprise

Artist: Fats Domino
Track: Walking To New Orleans
Composer: Domino / Bartholemew / Guidry
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Capitol

Artist: Bap Kennedy
Track: Long Time A Coming
Composer: Bap Kennedy
Album: Domestic Blues
Label: Lonely Street Discs

Artist: Steve Earle
Track: The Girl On The Mountain
Composer: Steve Earle
Album: If You Wanna Be An Outlaw
Label: Warners

Artist: Joe South
Track: Walk A Mile in My Shoes
Composer: Joe South
Album: Don't It make You Want To Go Home
Label: Capitol

Artist: Jimmy Rogers
Track: If It Ain't Me (Who Are You Thinking Of?)
Composer: Rogers
Album:The Vintage Blues Collection
Label: Delta

Artist: French For Rabbits
Track: One And Only
Composer: Singer
Album: The Weight Of Melted Snow
Label: Home Alone

Artist: William Tyler
Track: Gone Clear
Composer: William Tyler
Album:Modern Country
Label: Merge

Artist: Bap Kennedy
Track: Streetwise
Composer: Bap Kennedy
Album: The Big Picture
Label: Lonely Street Discs

Artist: George Jones & Melba Montgomery
Track: Let's Invite Them Over
Composer: Onie Wheeler
Album: George Jones & Melba Montgomery
Label: United Artists

Artist: Larry Jon Wilson
Track: Sheldon Churchyard
Composer: Wilson
Album: Country Got Soul
Label: Casual

Artist: Fats Domino
Track: The Fat Man
Composer: Domino / Bartholomew
Album: Greatest Hits

Artist: Nick Lowe
Track: I'll Be There
Composer: Nick Lowe
Album: The Impossible Bird
Label: Demon

Artist: Tom Waits
Track: Closing Time
Composer: Waits
Album: Closing Time
Label: Elektra