10 Jan 2015

Far-Fetch with Sam Scott - PC Music

From RNZ Music, 12:45 pm on 10 January 2015

A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure genre and a week to return with relevant musical examples and stirring stories. This week, he makes sense of the future-shocked genre of PC Music.

Music Details

Artist: QT
Songs: Hey QT
Composer: Sophie/A.G. Cook
Album: Single
Label: XL Recordings

Artist: Lipgloss Twins
Songs: Wannabe
Composer: A.G. Cook
Album: Single
Label: PC Music

Artist: Hannah Diamond
Songs: Attachment
Composer: H.Diamond
Album: Single
Label: PC Music

Artist: Race Banyon
Songs: Don't Need You
Composer: E.Johnston
Album: Whatever Dreams Are Made Of
Label: Private