24 Mar 2015

Citizen by Trinity Roots

From RNZ Music, 7:30 pm on 24 March 2015

Nick Bollinger immerses himself in the genre-mixing new album from TrinityRoots.

TrinityRoots CitizenIt’s eleven years since the last studio album from Trinity Roots and a lot has happened in that time, some of which is reflected in this record. The drumming of new member Ben Lemi – fluid, playful and polyrhythmic  – contrasts with the more streamlined funk Riki Gooch bought to the earlier records. Also, since the Trinity last hit the studio, Warren Maxwell has led the Little Bushman quartet whose style leaned much closer to Hendrix and Led Zeppelin than the more reggae and soul-driven Trinity. And some of that electricity has carried over to this latest album, particularly in that heavy metal-meets-Maori melody of the opening track. But the most profound development might be found in Warren Maxwell’s writing. Always a thoughtful, personal lyricist, prone to the odd political parable, this time around he isn’t holding back. He’s called the album Citizen for a reason. These are the songs of a citizen, exercising his right to speak truth to power.

Songs Featured: Bully, Citizen, Haiku, El Kaptain, Village Man, Clarity

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