14 Nov 2015

Tomorrow People

From RNZ Music, 3:05 pm on 14 November 2015

Named after the Ziggy Marley Tune, Wellington’s Tomorrow People started out five years ago as a studio band, throwing a song a month onto youtube and myspace.

Strong support from their online fans encouraged them to form a band to play their for their self styled ‘sunshine reggae’ live.

Their debut album, One, topped the NZ  charts, and just yesterday, they released the follow up, Bass and Bassinets,

Founding member, Avina Kelekolio (percussion/ukulele) and new vocalist Hamo Dell talk to Emma Smith about the journey so far.

Music Details

Artist: Tomorrow People
Song: Souljah Feeling
Composer: Tomorrow People
Album: One
Label: EMI

Artist: Tomorrow People
Song: No Rush, Get It Back, Writing's On The Wall
Composer: Tomorrow People 
Album: Bass and Bassinets
Label: Warner