19 Mar 2016

Ladyhawke in Session

From RNZ Music, 2:00 pm on 19 March 2016

Ladyhawke Photo: Jen Carey

Ladyhawke’s Pip Brown recently announced the release of her new album Wild Things, due to drop in June and spearheaded by first single, ‘A Love Song’.

Pip joins Emma Smith in studio to perform an acoustic version of the track:

"It's a love song – as the title suggests – but it's not like a sappy love song about why you love a person. It's more like you go through a bunch of stuff and if a person is still with you at the end of it, that's a good sign" ~ Pip Brown.

Music Details

Artist: Ladyhawke
Song: A Love Song
Composer: P. Brown
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording