28 Jul 2017

Paris Combo live at The Spiegeltent

From RNZ Music, 8:00 pm on 28 July 2017
The Paris Combo live at The Spiegeltent

The Paris Combo live at The Spiegeltent Photo: GATE Photography Jo Miller

The Paris Combo has released six albums across their two-decade career. The French group have played all over the world in cities including Sydney, San Francisco, Berlin and Beijing.

The quintet play a fun-loving mix of swinging gypsy-jazz, cabaret, French pop and Latino and Middle Eastern rhythms. Fronted by the charismatic singer Belle du Berry, the quintet are popular with critics and audiences alike.

Belle du Berry - Vocals
Potzi - Guitar
Jean-Francois Jeannin - Drums / Vocals
Emmanuel Chabbey - Double Bass
David Lewis - Piano / Trumpet

Music details:

Moi Ce Que J'aime C'est Le Debut - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin
Magasin De Porcelaine - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin
Specimen - Lyrics: Belle Du Berry// Music: A.Boudrahem, F.Jeannin, D.Lewis, Belle Du Berry 
Senor - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin-M.Razanajato
Tako Tsubo - Lyrics: Belle Du Berry / Barcella//Music : A.Boudrahem //Arranger : D.Lewis  
Living Room - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin-M.Razanajato
Bonne Nouvelle - Lyrics: Belle Du Berry//Music: A.Boudrahem, F.Jeannin, D.Lewis, Belle Du Berry
I Saw Stars - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin-M.Razanajato
Notre Vie Comme Un Western - Lyrics: Belle Du Berry//Compositeur : D.Lewis
Lux - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin 
Fibre De Verre - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin-M.Razanajato
Je Suis Partie - Lyrics: Belle Du Berry//- Music: A.Boudrahem, F.Jeannin, D.Lewis, Belle Du Berry 
Je Te Vois Partout - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin
Sous La Lune - B.Grimault/ B.Grimault-D.Lewis-A.Boudrahem-F.Jeannin-M.Razanajato

Paris Combo recorded live at The Spiegeltent as part of the Auckland Arts Festival by Andre Upston for RNZ Music.