3 Aug 2013

Adventures in Musicland: Otara Music & Arts Centre

From RNZ Music, 4:00 pm on 3 August 2013

OMAC Singer Sela Marlene Tyler and drummer Nez Tangianau By Vinesg Kumaran
Performers at the Otara Music Arts Centre including singer Sela-Marlene Tyler and drummer Nez Tangianau. Both are former OMAC tutors. Photo courtesy of Vinesg Kumaran.

If South Auckland’s vibrant music community has an equivalent to Hitsville USA – the famous headquarters of Motown Records – it would be the Otara Music Arts Centre. The OMAC studio has put Pacific pioneers like Tigilau Ness, Ermehn, Nat Rose and the roster of the late Phil Fuemana’s Urban Pacifica label onto tape.

Produced by Sam Wicks for Radio New Zealand National.